About us

Passion for die casting

Thanks to its sustained high rate of investment, Svensk TryckGjutning has held a strong position in the European market for a considerable length of time. Highly automated production techniques have made us one of the most advanced pressure foundries in Scandinavia. We safeguard our area of expertise for complex die-cast products based on consciously targeted product development. You find the products we manufacture in everyday life in today’s society in deliveries of car parts, electronic equipment, workshop consumables, and in the transport industry.

A successful family business

Svensk TryckGjutning was founded in 1967 by Sven Hjelte. Since then our goal has been to prioritise quality and close, trusting cooperative relationships with our customers. Thanks to skilled employees and a high standard of technology, we have been able to meet the markets ever-increasing demands for quality and delivery assurance. Stability and continuity are core values for a successful family enterprise. These are also important criteria for Peter Hjelte, second-generation owner, as he continuously develops the company to meet the challenges of the future.

Financial stability

STG has consistently enjoyed a stable economy which undergirds our taking on major projects and challenges, together with our clients.

The future

Our well-established position in the Swedish and the European market is to be further strengthened. We intend to accomplish this through a high rate of investment. More and larger machines provide increased capacity whilst we will be recruiting additional engineering staff to safeguard what we do best: complex injection moulded products based on targeted product development. We are also making on-going investment in computerised and automated production, a financial commitment that has long made us one of the most advanced die casting foundries in Scandinavia. In this way, we are able to respond to the demands of the market for high quality and cost-effective products.



STG has clients in a wide range of industries, amongst which the automotive industry is one that is clearly in the ascendant. More than 80 percent of our production is targeted toward that sector. It chiefly concerns items included in vehicle safety equipment, such as safety belts and airbags. Other major customers of ours are found in the electronics, engineering and transportation industries.