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passion for die casting
Thanks to its sustained high rate of investment, Svensk TryckGjutning has held a strong position in the European market for a considerable length of time.
Highly automated production techniques have made us one of the most advanced pressure foundries in Scandinavia.
We safeguard our area of expertise for complex die-cast products based on consciously targeted product development.
You find the products we manufacture in everyday life in today’s society in deliveries of car parts, electronic equipment, workshop consumables, and in the transport industry.

A successful family business

Svensk TryckGjutning was founded in 1967 by Sven Hjelte. Since then our goal has been to prioritise quality and close, trusting cooperative relationships with our customers. Thanks to skilled employees and a high standard of technology, we have been able to meet the markets ever-increasing demands for quality and delivery assurance.

Stability and continuity are core values for a successful family enterprise. These are also important criteria for Peter Hjelte, second-generation owner, as he continuously develops the company to meet the challenges of the future.

Financial stability

STG has consistently enjoyed a stable economy which undergirds our taking on major projects and challenges, together with our clients.

The future

Our well-established position in the Swedish and the European market is to be further strengthened. We intend to accomplish this through a high rate of investment. More and larger machines provide increased capacity whilst we will be recruiting additional engineering staff to safeguard what we do best: complex injection moulded products based on targeted product development.
We are also making on-going investment in computerised and automated production, a financial commitment that has long made us one of the most advanced die casting foundries in Scandinavia.

In this way, we are able to respond to the demands of the market for high quality and cost effective products.
Concern for the environment
Trust also requires long-term sustainable development. The balance between economic development, environmental improvements and quality is a natural part of our business. Continuous improvement gives us our competitive edge.

Environmental policy

Svensk Tryckgjutning AB’s goal is to produce aluminium and magnesium castings of high quality, in a competitive way, with as limited environmental impact as possible.
  • We are working purposefully and systematically toward continuous improvement insofar as the environment is concerned and are meeting – even exceeding – legal and regulatory requirements. Environmental responsibility and commitment is something we encourage all our staff at all levels to be involved in through education, information and active participation in environmental work.
  • The preventive aspects of environmental protection are taken into account in our production and the development of new products and processes.
  • STGs mission is:
    1. To the greatest extent possible, make use of renewable energy sources and consume as little energy as we can.
      To sort our waste and to consciously work for recyclability in all production channels.
      To use as little and as eco-friendly chemicals as possible.
      By means of investment, to reduce emissions into the air to create as healthy an indoor environment as possible for our employees.
  • STG should as far as it is able, attempt to minimise and optimise the transportation of goods to and from the business.

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Production and quality
In order to create efficiency in the production process, our aim is to work closely with our customers.
An open and trusting dialogue minimises the lead time from idea to finished product. Establishing trust requires our achieving continuous improvement in our cooperation.
Quality has therefore become our watchword.
With continuous quality control taking place throughout the entire production process and the use of the most technologically advanced control equipment, our proficiency is constantly improving.

Aluminium, Magnesium, Zinc

We cast in aluminium, magnesium and zinc. In respect of aluminium, we work with the most common casting alloys, but also with special alloys by means of which we are able to attain high strength properties.

Quality control

Quality is our motto and therefore we use the markets most technically advanced control equipment. In order to verify and ensure the quality of our raw material we use spectroanalysis equipment. We also employ x-ray and tensile testing methodologies. As for supplementary control of component parts, we use the latest measurement technology available.

Quality policy

Svensk Tryckgjutning AB and all its employees are expected to deliver products on time with zero defects, so that we meet the quality expectations of the next internal or external client in the chain to the end customer.
  • We work purposefully and systematically on continuous operational improvement within the quality field.
  • Our improvement goals are constantly being renewed and amended to reflect and meet the expectations of our clients.
  • We prioritise investments and ongoing maintenance with a goal of always offering our customers simple solutions of a stable and high standard of quality.
  • To achieve and continuously improve our quality vision, all our employees recognise what our clients expect and provide them with products that meet or exceed those expectations.
STG has clients in a wide range of industries, amongst which the automotive industry is one that is clearly in the ascendant.
More than 80 percent of our production is targeted toward that sector. It chiefly concerns items included in vehicle safety equipment, such as safety belts and airbags.
Other major customers of ours are found in the electronics, engineering and transportation industries.

We are now certified according to IATF.



Currently we have no vacancies, but are continually looking for new talent for our business.

Please submit your application to: Lotta Nilsson, Personnel,


Svensk Tryckgjutning AB

Spegelgatan 1
Box 5
SE-598 21 Vimmerby, Sweden
Phone. +46 (0)492-169 00
Fax. +46 (0)492-139 00

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